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Material characterisation - Thermal cycling tests

Investigation of the behaviour of lead-free solders during thermal cycling at temperatures ranging from -40 to 150C

Initial condition
700 Zyklen
after 700 cycles
1000 Zyklen
after 1000 cycles

Accelerated ageing tests under thermal cycling conditions

  • Application of specific thermal cycling conditions in three-chamber test cabinet, at temperatures alternating between minimum -70C and maximum 220C
  • Realisation of time-dependent temperature profiles
    • tailored to the customer's needs
    • following specific standards (MIL, IEC, DIN)
  • in combination with metallographic investigations
    • structure analyses
    • detection of delaminations, cracks, technological defects etc. in components and systems
    • behaviour of materials interfaces
    • expertises/reports on thermal fatigue
  • by providing damage profiles of thermally induced damage for the calibration and verification of FE-simulation models
Realisiertes thermisches Lastprofil
Thermal loading profile

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