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Material characterisation - Metallography

Cu-micrograph of the surface of a ceramics substrate with DCB-film
Solder bump between two Match-X modules and its geometric description
Lotschädigung an einem Widerstand
Damaged solder interconnect at a resistor after 1500 thermal cycles

Metallographic micrograph analysis

  • sample preparation
  • generation of component specific cross sections
  • application of a range of microscopic techniques (use of light microscope, laser scanning microscope, scanning probe microscopy (SPM), etc. )
  • investigations on materials and materials compounds, on components of all sizes from the macro to the micro scale
  • damage or failure analysis
  • reports and evaluations of
    • materials structures
    • microstructural changes
    • existing damage
    • deformations
  • determination of real geometries in selected materials preparations for use as FE-simulation input data
  • determination of topographic parameters

Muschelbruch in einem Si-Chip
Defectoscopic image; shell fracture in Si-chip (PbSn solder bump) after flip-chip assembly

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