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Current sensor: FE-simulation of packaging and interconnection technology

AFM Topographie Scan
FE-model of a magnetoresistive current sensor CDS30xx (example of wire bonding on hybrid substrate); made by SENSiTEC GmbH Lahnau; glob top removed
Verschiebungsfeld an einer Rissspitze
Temperature distribution in FR4-sensor/processor board (flip-chip package)
Delamination an einer Materialgrenzschicht
IR-thermographically determined temperature distribution on board surface top

Evaluation of thermal performance for current sensor

  • generation of FE-models based on CAD-data from SENSiTEC GmbH, Lahnau
  • determination of geometric details from metallographic investigations for detailed modelling
  • identification and definition of several possible thermal boundary conditions and loads
  • variation of materials choice among them PCB, underfill, glob top, mould, conductor lines, ...)
  • investigation of a broad performance spectrum (5 A ... 50 A of primary power amperage)
  • thermo-mechanical compatibility evaluation to Match-X modules
  • verification of calculations by infra-red (IR) thermography

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