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FE-Analysis for electronic packaging and interconnection technology

AFM Topographie Scan
The concavity of the substrate immediately after reflow soldering is induced by expansion differencesin the package
Verschiebungsfeld an einer Rissspitze
Creep strains at solder balls

Flip-chip assembly with backside leadframe

  • geometric modelling according to CAD-drawings considering details from metallographic cross sections (determination of solder thickness, solder mask and underfill dimension)
  • investigation of stress and de-formation mechanisms (board warpage, peel stresses etc.)
  • calculation of accumulated creep strains in solder interconnects for the determination of thermal cycling resistance with and without lead frame (life-time analysis following Cof-fin/Manson)
  • analysis of defect risks
Delamination an einer Materialgrenzschicht
The risk of chip fracture is resulting from stresses induced by expansion differences due to cooling

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