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Match-X: Micro optical modules

AFM Topographie Scan
FE-mesh (1/2-Modell) of micro optical beam splitter for assembly using adhesives (circular adhesive trap)
Delamination an einer Materialgrenzschicht
Stress component syy after shrinkage of adhesive of 10% and a temperature increase of 20C to 85C

Thermomechanical fatigue analysis for optical deflection modules

  • simulation of the deformation and stress behaviour in the adhesive or the solder attaching a BK7 beam splitter to a plane ZERODUR substrate in dependence of different technological parameters
  • virtual prototyping as decision assistance in choosing the suitable adhesives, an optimized thickness, or the evaluation of shape for adhesive trap
  • experimental determination of the viscoelastic materials behaviour of a preselected set of adhesives for micro-optical precision modules
  • evidence of contact pressure between cube and substrate to be sufficient resulting from cure shrinkage
Verschiebungsfeld an einer Rissspitze
Simulation of laser soldering, using a support speed of 1 mm/s and eutectic AuSn solder (superposition of all process steps)

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