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Micro- und nanomechanical deformation analysis

AFM Topographie Scan
Topographic AFM scan in the vicinity of the crack tip of a thermoset polymer sample (crack opening and crack tip depression zone)
Verschiebungsfeld an einer Rissspitze
Displacement field uy at the crack tip of a thermoset polymer
Delamination an einer Materialgrenzschicht
Delamination of a material interface of a gas sensor due to thermal loading (in co-operation with the Department of Electronics, University of Barcelona)

Evaluation of micro cracks

NanoDAC is an innovative method for measuring in-plane displacements and deformations utilising data from scanning probe microscopy. (nanoDAC, nano Deformation Analysis by means of Correlation).


  • deformation analysis from micro- to nano-scaled components
  • verification nano-mechanical material laws
  • determination of fracture parameters of micro- und nano-scaled materials
  • evaluation of the fracture behaviour in the vicinity of material interfaces
  • tracking of nano-particles and -objects

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